Friday, July 8, 2011

Virgin post.

Welcome to Joycey After Dark.

You may not know me cuz i'm still new. I always have an attempt to start blogging bout fashion but I always think I can't be a good blogger.
THEN AGAIN, I have strong passion for fashion and would love to share with the world about my personal style and my fashion point-of-views, hopefully to inspire some young people out there one day :)

Fashion is a fun thing to play with. PERSONAL STYLE reflects so much of who you are as a person, so it's very important to have your own signature look.

I personally dress according to my daily mood. I will spend hours looking at my closet, pull out random clothes trying to mix and match them into perfect outfit. Many may think I am wasting time, but I enjoy doing this - STYLING.
I truly believe there is no such word as 'ugly', but only the word 'lazy' does exist.
If you spend more effort and time to beautify yourself, you can be haute too :)

The blog is still currently in progress, so stay tuned and come back after this for more exciting stuff (or at least I hope it will be) *fingers crossed*


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